Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Using Superior Products and Reliable Technology

To Contribute to a Better Society Across the Globe

PTT operates on a policy of international "Co-existence and Co-prosperity" With an ever-watchful eye on the world, we have been introducing superior leading-edge technology from around the world to industries in Japan. By listening to our customers and carrying out exacting analysis of market activites, we are able to move quickly to provide the necessary technology, information and products the market demands.


On-target response to our customers' needs

Going beyond just importing and marketing new products, we take the responsibility
to provide high quality service and support backed up by technical know-how.
Building on advantages in system architecture and software development, we aim to
be a "Solution Provider" able to meet customers" core needs.


Contributing to society through our global network

More and more, our customers are moving into the global arena. As our customers
move overseas, we are expanding our global network to quickly respond to whatever
demands our customers have. We are introducing the technology and products of
global venture companies that lack distribution channels in Japan.
Providing this support for participation in the market forms a "Technology Bridge"
with the rest of the world of which we are proud. 
We intend to continue to contribute to society in these ways.


Registered Name PTT Company Limited
Established 1st April 1976
Capital 308 millions of Yen
(100% owned by VITEC Co., Ltd.)
Substance of Business Import, export, distribution, and procurement service of electronic products.
Main Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank
Historical Background Apr.1976 Established as a domestic sales company for electronics compornents imported by Matsushita Electric Trading(MET). Registered name: Matsubo Electronic Components Sales(MECS)/ Capital: 50 M YEN
Aug. 1983 Increased capital: 80 M YEN
Apr.1988 Matsushita Electric Industrial(MEI) merged with MET, became a Sales Company of MEI.
May.1999 Increased capital: 120 M YEN
Oct.2002 HongKong Area Subsidiary established / Capital: 600,000 HK$
Apr.2003 MECS merged with Matsushita Inter-Techno, Increased capital: 220 M YEN Registered new company name as Matsushita Techno Trading Co., Ltd. (MTT)
Feb.2005 Moved corporate headquarters from Nishi-Shinjuku to Yoyogi
Oct.2008 Company name changed to Panasonic Techno Trading Co.,Ltd
Mar.2009 Vitec Co., Ltd. acquired 85% stocks , subsidiary of Vitec group.
Company name changed to PTT Co. Ltd.
Jun.2009 Increased capital: 308 M YEN
Sep.2010 Moved corporate headquarters from Yoyogi to Kita-Shinagawa
Mar.2011 Vitec Co., Ltd. acquired a 100% stake in.
Oct.2014 Electronic components and Electronic equipments business transferred to Vitec.