Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Providing total procurement support services

to solve your “dilemma” in your procurement operations.

PTT pursues and offers the customer-oriented strategic solutions to lead to the best outcome

after much consultation with the customers.
We can meet the customers’ various needs from just IT solutions full-support services

to full-support services IT solutions for procurement operations.

“All for the Customers”, we collaborate closely with you.

Advantages of PTT

・Broad experience and expertise

 in trading business and electronics industry

・Wide variety of options

  for direct materials (parts)  procurement scheme

・Highly efficient operations using IT skill


PTT has accumulated considerable experience and expertise in trading business and electronics industry

by handling foreign products over the years.

We are also providing one of leading electronics manufacturers with total procurement support services.

In the electronics industry, as it is critical to transform procurement operations flexibly

and quickly responding to changes in business environment, our procurement support services

are highly appreciated by the customer as an effective option.

4 types of services

Procurement Agency
On-site BPO


We provide the above 4 types of services to actively promote rationalization and efficiency of

the customers’ procurement operations in the electronics industry.

We aspire to be your reliable partner by offering the best solutions for “the convenience in your procurement operations”.